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    Disposable Air Cushion Mask



    Air cushion masks offer an ergonomic cushion design that provides an optimal seal with minimum pressure. 
    ·Clear body permits easy patient observation. 
    ·There is a removable hook ring for hand-held or head-strap application.
    ·More nose bridge room ensures a proper fit. 
    ·The connector port is centered and positioned for secure gripping and has an easy connect and disconnect surface. 
    ·Ultra-thin wall, air-filled cushion is soft and comfortable and provides excellent seating and sealing. 
    ·Inflation valve adjusts cut off pressure for optimal seal.
    01 802001 Infant
    02 802002 Pediatric
    03 802003 Child
    04 802004 Small adult/large children
    05 802005 Medium adult
    06 802006 Large adult


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