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    Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

    Anesthesia Breathing Circuit



    ·All circuit systems deliver exceptional value by providing the configuration that meets your anesthesia department’s specific needs. 

    ·With several standard circuit configurations and a variety of components in either adult or pediatric sizes, regular or expandable tubing, as well as adult and pediatric coaxial circuits, we have a circuit that fits your requirements. 

    ·You can even create your own custom circuit configuration to incorporate the accessories and components for your specific procedural needs. 

    ·All the components of our anesthesia breathing circuits are produced in 100000 class cleaning room.

    Available Options:

    Breathing Bag Sizes 0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L (Available in latex free and latex versions)
    Wye Pieces Swivel, bifurcated, parallel wye with/without gas sampling port
    Elbows Plain or with gas sampling port
    Filters BV filter with/without gas sampling port, HME, HMEF
    Face Masks Full range of sizes
    Gas Sampling Lines M/M or M/F connertor,10'' length
    Plastic Clip To be attached to expandable circuit, corrugated circuit, coaxial circuit and gas sampling line
    Water Trap 60ml, for adult and pediatric
    Circuit Styles Adult and pediatric expandable, corrugated and coaxial circuits
    Circuit Length 40'', 60'', 72'', 90'' lengths

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