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    Pressure Infuser

    Pressure Infuser


    ·Each bag offers an oval-shaped bulb to ease inflation of the bladder as well as a transparent front panel to allow visual checking of fluids.
    ·They also include an easy-to-read gauge which features an indicator that moves as pressure increases. 
    ·Bags load quickly and easily and have an area to write patient information. 
    ·A safety valve prevents overinflation. 
    ·No external power source required.
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    01 GC191801 500ml, small white bulb, net sleeve, rope hanger, without plastic hook
    02 GC191802 1000ml, small white bulb, net sleeve, rope hanger, without plastic hook
    03 GC191803 3000ml, big black bulb, net sleeve, rope hanger, without plastic hook
    04 GC191781 500ml, small white bulb, film sleeve, plastic tube hanger, with plastic hook
    05 GC191782 1000ml, small white bulb, film sleeve, plastic tube hanger, with plastic hook
    06 GC191783 3000ml, big black bulb, film sleeve, plastic tube hanger, with plastic hook


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