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    Y-Type Cystoscopy Bladder Irrigation Set

    Cystoscopy Bladder irrigation sets are designed for constant or intermittent irrigation of the bladder during endoscopic procedures as well as post procedural irrigation of the bladder to prevent blood clot formation 81" (2.1m) approximate overall length, with drip chamber, regulating clamp, catheter adapter and non-latex tubing. For irrigation, set plugs directly into a 3-way catheter, or catheter adapter unit when 2-way catheter is used.

    ·Manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade PVC. 
    ·2-lead irrigation set with 5 mm ID tubing and approximately 225 cm in length. 
    ·2 thumb operated Robert’s clamps located above drip chamber facilitate quick and smooth changing of solution bags. 
    ·Comes with multi-flow duel spikes delivering high flow rates. 
    ·Proximal end fitted with flexible latex tubing for easy connection to Endoscope. 
    ·Spikes and Drip chamber are available with three types.

    No. Code Spec
    01 GC081102 Drip chamber of pillow type

    No. Code Spec
    02 GC081202 Drip chamber of tube type

    No. Code Spec
    03 GC081402 Drip chamber for cylingrical type

    No. Code Spec
    04 GC081502 Small drip chamber
    05 GC081512 Small drip chamber, rubber tube with luer lock connector

    No. Code Spec
    06 GC082302 Drip chamber with filter


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