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    Emesis Bag

    Emesis Bag & Dispenser

    Eliminate exposure to emesis
    Great for use in Emergency and Recovery rooms
    Convenient closure system - twist, invert ring, and secure bag into notched ring Minimize spillage
    Emesis measurement
    Wall mounted dispenser holds 24 bags
    No Code Description
    01 GC191500 Dispenser, hold up to 24 pcs emesis bags
    02 GC190501 Blue bag
    03 GC191502 green bag,biodegradable
    04 GC191503 White bag
    05 GC191506 Transparent bag, Biodegradable
    06 GC191507 White, with one enhanced notched ring

    Emesis Bag With paper anti-reflux valve

    Can be used as a sickness bag With anti-reflux valve

    No Code Description
    01 GC190504 Transparent bag
    02 GC191505 Transparent bag ,biodegradable
    03  GC191508  Emesis bag with hand protection

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