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    Aspiration Curettes

    Aspiration curettes, rigid, clear, plastic curettes for uterine aspiration. Moulded markings for size and correct tip orientation. Connects to rotary swivel handle & wide bore, high vacuum tubing


    ·Curved curette and straight curette designs.

    ·Lenght 200mm -Rounded end.
    ·Available as sets pre-attached to 2m thick walled aspiration tubing.
    ·Nine sizes: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm.
    No Item No. Spec
    01 GC7049A06 6mm, rigid tip
    02 GC7049A07 7mm, rigid tip
    03 GC7049A08 8mm, rigid tip
    04 GC7049A09 9mm, rigid tip
    05 GC7049A10 10mm, rigid tip
    06 GC7049A11 11mm, rigid tip
    07 GC7049A12 12mm, rigid tip
    08 GC7049A14 14mm, rigid tip
    09 GC7049A16 16mm, rigid tip
    10 GC7049B06 6mm, curved tip
    11 GC7049B07 7mm, curved tip
    12 GC7049B08 8mm, curved tip
    13 GC7049B09 9mm, curved tip
    14 GC7049B10 10mm, curved tip
    15 GC7049B11 11mm, curved tip
    16 GC7049B12 12mm, curved tip
    17 GC7049B14 14mm, curved tip
    18 GC7049B16 16mm, curved tip


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