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    Aspiration Tubing Set

    Integrated adapter and swivel handle in clear plastic, with suction control through a control valve that can be 360° rotating handle allows a complete evacuation of the uterine cavity and avoids tubing twisting. Made of high-quality medical grade plastic, offers optimal flexibility, strength and durability for uterine evacuation and curettage in voluntary pregnancy termination or following miscarriage. Universal connector fits to suction apparatus available on the market. Firm, finely finished; wall thickness is uniform throughout ensures secure attachment to suction source without risk of tubing collapse. Heavy duty, clear PVD tubing withstands high suction. Smooth sliding collar for simple and precise control of vacuum. Single-patient used for effective with low complication rates.


    ·Leak proof seals.
    ·Easily connects to curettes.
    ·Available as assembled sets, combinations or separate items.
    ·Loose male connector in each pack for connection to suction machines where required.
    ·Made of high density polythene.

    No Item No. Spec
    01 GC7050A01 Rotary handle
    02 GC7051A01 Rotary handle + tube + male adaptor
    03 GC7051A02 Rotary handle + tube
    04 GC7051A03 Aspiration tubing only

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