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    Channel Cleaning Brushes
    Disposable endoscope Channel Cleaning Brushes combine maximum cleaning capabilities with versatile brush options to meet your challenging reprocessing demands.
    Both the single ended brush and the double ended brush offer desired catheter stiffness for ease of use and nylon bristles to provide the highest protection against channel damage.
    Clean all external surfaces, valve ports, and channel openings,using a soft, disposable cloth/sponge, and brushes.

    Disposable Single-Ended Channel Cleaning Brush

    Excellent cleaning result with minimal strain. Gcmedica offers brushes in various types, lengths and diameters,for each type of endoscope.

    The use of single-use brushes as these have undamaged bristles without any tissue remnants from previous examinations.

     Product code  Type  Diameter  Length  Shaft Length
     1971D01  Rounded brush tip  5.5mm  20mm  230cm

    Disposable Double-Ended Channel Cleaning Brush

    Apart from cleaning the endoscope’s channels the biopsy port and valves need to be cleaned.

    Our 2-sided Brush is the ideal two-in-one solution.

    It has the following characteristics.

    ·easy handling

    ·brush 5mm and 10mm

    ·appropriate cleaning for both ports and valves

     Product code  Type  Diameter  Length  Shaft Length
     1971A01  Combination Valve Brush  5mm/10mm  20mm/45mm  230cm
     1971A02  Combination Valve Brush  5mm/10mm  20mm/45mm  14.5cm
     1971B01  Combination Valve Brush  5mm/10mm  12mm/40mm  230cm
     1971C01  Rounded Brush Tip  5mm  12mm/11.5cm  230cm
     1971D02  Rounded Brush Tip  5.5mm  15mm  230cm
     1971D03  Rounded Brush Tip  5.5mm/10mm  20mm/30mm  230cm
     1971E01  Combination Valve Brush  5mm/10mm  35mm/40mm  14.5cm

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