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    Hybrid Irrigation Tubing
    Use either room air or CO2 for insufflation. The Hybrid  IrrigationTubing delivers humidified CO2 which can help prevent the mucosa from drying out during procedures.
    For Olympus® 140/160/180 series endoscopes with the following:
    Olympus® OFP or ENDOSTAT II Pump Irrigation Units (100609)
    Olympus® AFU-100, Olympus® OFP, EGP-100 or ERBE® EIP2 Irrigation Units (100610)
    Pentax® GI Endoscopes with Pentax® EGP-100P, EGP-100 or ERBE® Irrigation Units (100608)



    ·Fits any sterile water bottle
    ·24-hours disposable tubing
    ·Eliminates manual cleaning and reprocessing of reusable water bottle and tubing
    ·Prevents potential cross-contamination due to elimination of reprocessing steps

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