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    Retrievel Bag

    Single-Use Specimen Retrieval Bag is an easy-to-use retrieval system designed to temporarily contain specimen and facilitate its removal from the patient during laparoscopic surgery. Designed to minimize contamination of the abdominal cavity, the Specimen Retrieval Bag includes the following distinctive features:


    ·Pre-loaded spring automatically opens bag upon deployment

    ·Flexible metal ring holds the bag mouth open for optimal specimen loading

    ·Rigid plastic shaft provides stability, while its smooth surface minimizes trauma to underlying structures

    ·Easy to read indicator for bag orientation

    ·Cost effective and latex free

    ·Closure technology prevents bag from re-opening

    ·Easy, cost-effective “grasper” system available           

    ·Pouch size large enough to accommodate a wide range of specimens                                               

    ·Economic, simple, efficient                                        


     Product code  Description  Volume  Pouch
     1961A01  10mm introducer  250ml  90*145mm
     1961A02  10mm introducer  580ml  130*180mm
     1961A03  15mm introducer  1150ml  190*230mm

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