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    72H Closed Suction Catheter


    Closed Suction Catheter


    Removable inserter

    ·Insert into the elbow to protect the inner-bule valve deform during storage and transportion.

    ·Remove the Inserter during using.


    Double swivel elbows

    ·The double swivel elbow facilitates the movement of the patient and prevents trauma.

    ·Allow 720-degree adjustment on tubing angles to improve patients comfort.


    Thumb-controlled suction locking valve

    ·Reduce accidental suctioning.

    ·White coded locking valve, follow ISO standard.


    Irrigation port

    ·The irrigation port features a retained cap, preventing accidental lose.

    ·Available with one-way irrigation port.

    ·Can be injected with saline to help clean the catheter tip.


    Product code  Adapter Intubation   Size Irrigation port   Length
    8016A   Double swivel Endotracheal intubation   FR06-FR16  With  53cm
    8016B    Double swivel  Tracheomized intubation   FR06-FR16  With  30.5cm

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