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    Laryngoscope Blade



    Laryngoscope Blade



    ·100% stainless steel blade.

    ·Macintosh and Miller blades available individually in a full range of clearly marked sizes.

    ·Fibre optic light source blades fir all green specification handles.

    ·Fibre optic black sheath ensures light is focused only on the target.


     Laryngeal Blade, Curved  Size
     8058A00  0
     8058A01  1
     8058A02  2
     8058A03  3
     8058A04  4

    Handle Size
     8059B01  Adult
     8059B02  Pediatric



    ·Disposable and avoid infection, plastic, sterile blade.

    ·Polished acrylic stem produces exceptional illumination.


     Laryngeal Blade, curved Size 
     8058D095 9.5cm 
     8058D120 12cm 
     8058D140 14cm 
     8058D160 16cm

     Laryngeal Blade, straight  Size
    8058C075   7.5cm
    8058C100  10cm 
    8058C130  13cm 

     Handle  Size
     8059A01  Adult

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