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    Clik Seal Urine Specimen Containers


    Clik Seal Urine Specimen Containers

    Containers are leak-resistant and suitable for pneumatic tube systems within hospitals. When tightening the lid you will be assured your cap is sealed and ready for transport after it 'clicks.'


    Containers include: 

    ·Unique inner-cap thread design to ensure leak-resistance when the cap is properly tightened.

    ·Translucent polypropylene containers, allowing for quick visualization.

    ·Polyethylene lid, ensuring a tight seal for maximum leak-resistance.

    ·A lid is designed to enable stacking of multiple containers.

    ·A sterility-seal and patient i.d. label affixed to the container with lines for number, name, and doctor (sterile containers only).


     No.   Code  Spec
     01  GC061A03  90ml
     02  GC061A04  120ml


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