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    Intubating Stylet


    ·A stylet for intubating an endotracheal tube is like medico-surgical tube comprising of a bendable metal rod sealed in a tubular plastic sheath. 

    ·The ends of the sheath are molded in a smoothly rounded closed shape. 

    ·Passed through an ETT, can be bend to give ETT the shape of a hockey stick.

    ·Features Made of malleable aluminum covered with plastic sheath, which has a lubricated Satin-SlipÖ surface.
    ·Helps reduce friction between stylet and tracheal tube to allow for easy insertion and withdrawal.
    ·Sheath extends beyond tip to reduce the risk of trauma should stylet extend beyond tip of tracheal tube
    ‹ Alow intubation of the trachea with minimal visualization of the vocal cords.
    ‹ Easy to learn.
    ‹ Helps in stablizing the ETT for intubation
    No Code Specifition
    01 GC8048A06 Stylet, intubating Fr6
    02 GC8048A10 Stylet, intubating Fr10
    03 GC8048A12 Stylet, intubating Fr12
    04 GC8048A14 Stylet, intubating Fr14
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