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    Tracheostomy Tube


    ·Be designed to provide an effective tracheal seal for ventilated patients to reduce the risk of aspiration.

    ·The high volume, low pressure, soft cuff is intended to create an effective seal against the trachea at a lower pressure to  minimise patient trauma.

    ·The clear, flexible, anatomically shaped neck flange aids cleaning and visualisation of the stoma site.

    ·The smooth, arc shaped tube with tapered tip is to assist placement and removal of both tracheostomy tube and inner cannula with minimal disruption to patient’s anatomy.

    ·The tube has an integral 15mm connector, allowing for patient ventilation with or without an inner cannula in place.

     No.  Code  ID
     01  GC8041S060  6.0mm
     02  GC8041S065  6.5mm
     03  GC8041S070  7.0mm
     04  GC8041S075   7.5mm 
     05  GC8041S080  8.0mm
     06  GC8041S085  8.5mm
     07  GC8041S090  9.0mm



    Uncuffed            Cuffed


    ·Soft low pressure cuff dynamically adjusts the pressure at the point of contact during the breathing cycle. 

    ·Thus minimizes the risk of tracheal trauma & other complications. 

    ·Pilot balloon with non return valve facilitates the cuff inflation & deflation. 

    ·Radio opaque blue line enable to confirm the correct placement of the tube in trachea.

    ·Soft & flexible flange is provided with inner & outer diameter sizes.

    ·Standard 15mm connector confirms to ISO standards, can rotate 360 degree & enable access to the anaesthetic circuit from any direction.

    ·Supplied with cotton neck tape.

    Uncuffed Cuffed Size I.D(mm)
    GC8041A030 GC8041B030 3.0
    GC8041A035 GC8041B035 3.5
    GC8041A040 GC8041B040 4.0
    GC8041A045 GC8041B045 4.5
    GC8041A050 GC8041B050 5.0
    GC8041A055 GC8041B055 5.5
    GC8041A060 GC8041B060 6.0
    GC8041A065 GC8041B065 6.5
    GC8041A070 GC8041B070 7.0
    GC8041A075 GC8041B075 7.5
    GC8041A080 GC8041B080 8.0
    GC8041A085 GC8041B085 8.5
    GC8041A090 GC8041B090 9.0
    GC8041A095 GC8041B095 9.5
    GC8041A100 GC8041B100 10.0

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